NUCA Illustration Degree Show 2011

Here are some images of the work at the NUCA Illustration Degree Show 2011. If you would like more details on which illustrator’s work is in a photo then please visit the Norwich Illustration Facebook page where I will put the details of the illustrators featured. 2 days left to visit the show! You canContinue reading “NUCA Illustration Degree Show 2011”

NUCA Illustration Auction 2011

Third year Illustration students at Norwich University College of The Arts are holding a fundraising auction for their degree show. The auction will feature work from students and tutors at the university, as well as illustrators such as Rob Ryan, Eric Carle, Anne Howeson, Angie Lewin and Jonny Hannah. The event will be held in The GalleryContinue reading “NUCA Illustration Auction 2011”

Submission for The Illustration Auction 2011

Today I submitted this image for the Illustration Auction which will be held at Norwich University College of The Arts at the end of March. It is a linocut from the project I am currently working on about nosy people, hence the title Earwig. The image is 21 x 29.5 cm. I will post moreContinue reading “Submission for The Illustration Auction 2011”